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Dane Dyar - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze

I found myself car shopping the last week and after visiting a few lots found myself asking how some of the other establishments even make sales. Frustrated I was talking to my neighbor about it and he referred me to Simotes Motors, where he got his 2 cars. I was a bit hesitant after my recent experiences with other lots but I went there and the difference was night and day! They didn't jostle me around, they weren't bullish or forceful and the deal they presented me with was A1. I had the pleasure of working with Nick D. and I will be back in the future 100%. Thanks folks and Happy New Year!

Arkadiusz Mastalerz - 2019 Nissan Rogue

An absolute non hassle buying experience. Michael was the best to work with. I stated up front that I don't want phone calls and I want everything through email and he gave me everything I requested. Right away he gave me an out the door price as I requested, a quote for an extended warranty and financing options. Got my car the same day!

Out of at least 15 dealerships I contacted this was one of the few that actually gave me an outright "out the door" price on the car WITHOUT adding fraudulent dealer fees! These FAKE fees are called different things like "dealer fee", "power pack", "inspection fee", and other things and all it does is raise the actual price of the car by those fees. The other dealerships post a price of $15'000 but with those fees the car actually costs 17'00 BUT Simotes does not do this, they are 100% transparent and give you out the door price at the beginning. Will come back to get my next vehicle here as well.

Maelena Motsch - 2017 Chevrolet Malibu

Of all places we searched Simotes had the best service and selection.  Michael was the best salesperson, he had the car we wanted. They listen and they help. Their selection is phenominal and priced right. Don't pass this gem of a dealership up. You won't regret it.

Tony Schiller - 2011 Ram 1500

Michael was great to work with, answered all my questions, my bank’s questions, and got us into the truck we wanted.

Michael Jackson - 2004 Ford Mustang

I want to say thank you for the help received on 8 April, 2021 A.D. My car broke down in Minooka more than 2 hours away from home. The service tech Brad helped me directly. He diagnosed the problem with my vehicle within 15 mins and offered me counsel on what I could do to attempt to remedy the problem. I was blessed to receive help quickly and kindly, so much so the dealership did not charge me for the diagnostic work which I did not expect. The dealership and staff went the extra mile to help me in my time of need.

Theresa Gonzalez - 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan

We had a wonderful experience buying our Minivan at Simotes! Michael is the best, he had the van already for us to test drive. He was very helpfully and friendly. He definitely Made our car buying experience great. We found This dealership on CARFAX. I would recommend Michael and the dealership for any car buying needs!

Shyhrete Asani - 2005 Audi A4

Michael Caragher sold me my daughter’s first car. He was amazing. He was very accommodating to my price range. Such a friendly man. It was a pleasure purchasing a vehicle from Simotes. 10/10 recommend for anyone looking for a car.

Ashley O'Brien - 2007 Toyota Matrix

Highly recommend Simotes for buying a used car! Michael and their team were great to work with and made my first car buying experience stress-free. They addressed all my (and my parents' ) worries. All cars are high quality and car faxes are provided online. Being able to see up to date inventory and information on their website made the process even easier when I arrived to the dealership. Simotes had the biggest inventory of affordable cars that were good quality (low miles, accident free etc). The actual process of buying the car was very fast as well. Overall, I left very happy today with my very first car.

Kathi C. - Buick 1999 Century

Traveling on I 80 had overheating issues. This was a Saturday service is closed. Left the car and Dave started on it first thing Monday morning. He diagnosed the problem. Sadly the motor was blown.  He stayed in contact with us and when we came to empty the car out he made the time to meet us and explain further about the car. Very pleased with the service and Dave's honesty and going out of his way for us.

Terry Takash - 2006 Cadillac DTS

Michael, I want to express my thanks for your courtesy and professionalism. Please pass this email on to Grant also. I appreciate you guys standing by your product (dts '06) and taking care of my turn signals. You do not often see vendors doing that these days and I truly appreciate it. I hope the problems with the car are over in that I truly enjoy driving the Caddy. Be well. thanks again, Terry

Bill Lindich - 2008 Ford F-150

I've been searching for a clean used Ford pickup for several weeks and met all kinds of used car dealers from Grayslake to Merriville. Most of them were friendly, a few were creepy and a couple were too slimy to sit across a table from. You know, the kind who will pretend they don't smell the burning oil or never noticed that a door won't unlock properly.

My experience at Simotes, however, was a mind-blowingly refreshing experience. Not only did they have the best price on a rust free F-150 (yep, they do exist!) but they were also completely great people to do business with. I made three visits in all before deciding to buy, and never had one word of pressure come my way. In fact, Nick went out of his way to dig the truck out of the ice and filled it up so we could have a nice test drive. All this for what was probably the cheapest truck on the lot - seriously, most used car dealers would not have made the effort for a sale like this.

Everyone there treated me and my family really well, gave us time to consider and privacy to discuss, and they held nothing back. I didn't even get a hard-sell on the extended warranty - a totally respectful and no-BS experience from first contact to test drive to sale. I was really pleasantly surprised (as was my family) and would definitely visit Simotes again. Awesome experience and a great deal to boot.

Love the truck, love the deal - thanks, Nick!

Brittney Andersen - 2016 Kia Soul

Michael was extremely helpful and energetic! This was my first time buying a car at a dealership so I was quite nervous at first but chilled out after trying out a few cars. He helped me a lot showing me different cars and helping me find the car that was right for me!

Thanks again Simotes!

Nathan Guinto - 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Loved the service and my salesman Mike! He helped me with my purchase, great place and people!

Lave and Renee Aguilar - 2014 Ford Fiesta

I would like to thank Michael Caragher and Grant for taking such good care of my daughter and myself in the purchase of a vehicle at Simotes Motors. Your patience with us and professionalism was so appreciated. Another happy buyer walked out your door. We plan on sharing our positive experience with others and highly recommending Simotes.

Jessica Ardaugh - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

On Oct 24th, my van broke down.
Of course I panicked.
It sat for 1 week because we had to figure out what to do/could do.
The whole who, what, when, how, shit.

So, I ask for help, advice, recommendations, on trusty ol Facebook.
On the 29th, I get a text message and it's from Mac at Simotes Motors in Minooka, that's where I purchased my van from like 2016.

He states they came across my post and...
"Let us know if you need any help with the repair, if you need to use your extended warranty.."
I'm kind of in shock because "wow, they actually took the time out to reach out to me from a Facebook post, that had no mention of them?"
Simotes was kind enough to go over options with me, pull my file out of archives and go over options. Confirmed I was in fact under warranty, and then led me in the direction of a trusted dealer to handle my warranty job.

Steve Hinton - 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

I found a Chevrolet 04 Z06 Corvette through Autotrader. Michael, the Internet Sales Manager at Simotes took the time to answer all of my questions about the car and said he would have the car on the lift for my inspection when I arrived at their dealership. Upon arrival, he introduced me to Nick who would be handling the sale. Nick immediately took me to view the car in their shop and on the lift as promised. The car was everything represented, even exceeding my expectations and I am your typical very picky vette guy. We agreed upon the price and the entire transaction including paperwork was completed in less than an hour. I came by myself and they arranged to have their staff follow me home in my other vehicle. I left with new plates on the vette, a tank of gas and vehicle registration in hand. A half hour later both the vette and the vehicle I arrived in were both back in my driveway! Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and friendly and I felt like I was buying a car from a friend. I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone who wants a pleasant car buying experience.

Lucio DiPaolo - 2017 Jeep Patriot

We were assisted by David and Grant at Simotes and they were professional, kind, charming and helped make the experience easy and delightful. Be sure to check them out!

Rave Meyer - 2003 Ford F150

Quick, easy, straightforward vehicle purchasing. Polite and friendly staff.

Brian Murdock - 2006 Kia Sorento

Bought a car from SImotes Motors and could not be happier with my car buying experience. The Simotes team was easy to work with and very helpful.

Crystal Carey - 2013 Honda Accord

Nick went above and beyond to help us. We initially went in to just get a car that would take us from point A to point B, but left with a car we’ve always wanted! We didn’t think it was possible but thanks to the awesome service we received everything was a breeze. Would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone I know who is looking for a used car!

Victor Salazar - 2006 Hyundai Sonata

I picked up a 2006 Hyundai Sonata at Simotes Motors in Minooka, IL. A great experience not being hassled to hurry up and buy a car. If you go there, Nick is the guy you want to talk to. Michael, the Internet Manager, had everything ready to go for me! If I ever need another vehicle, I am definitely going to go back over there. Thanks again, guys!

Martha Cooper - 2004 Buick LeSabre

We drove 125 miles to see the cars they had available and we were not sorry.  They had a nice selection in our price range.  They have no haggle prices and their cars are in great shape with low miles.  Our salesman, Nick, answered all of questions and made sure we were comfortable and knowledgeable about the vehicle we were purchasing.  They were very helpful with our financing and in getting us the best deal at the payments my son was looking for.  I would not hesitate to make the drive to check out what they have to offer.  I will continue to check with them in the future when I am looking for a new vehicle.

Kevin Cain - 2012 Volkswagen Routan

Simotes Motors thank you a bunch for the painless car buying process. Grant was able to answer all of our questions about each of the cars we looked into buying and responded quickly to each message! Additionally, you guys made the financing painless and made sure the process went as smoothly as possible. We are excited with our mini-van purchase as we prepare for the new addition to our family......thank you!!!

Joe Sullivan - 2010 Honda CR-V

Perfect car buying experience for my first time financing a car. I have gone with a couple of friends when they have purchased vehicles and my experience was a breeze compared to other dealerships.

When I walked in I was greeted by Willy, he helped me out so we could go look at the car I was interested in. It was a no pressure experience, he didn’t try to sell me a more expensive car and in less than an hour and a half Willy and Grant had me out the door with a new car.

It was a peaceful process and I definitely recommend Simotes to everyone and I hope your experience will be as good as mine was.

Thanks again!!

Terry Gabhart - 2005 Mercedes Benz SLK 350

I searched and searched for a nice 2005 or 2006 Mercedes SLK 350. I hooked up with these folks and ended up purchasing a 2005 model with 24000 miles on it! The car was perfect and the trade on on my Miata was very fair and better than every other dealer I worked with.  Mr Larry Simotes and his sons, Michael the internet Manager and Nick my sales guy were absolutely great. I drove from Ky to Minooka and took two days. After driving my practically new Mercedes home I told my wife I would have walked out there for this car! If you're looking for a special car and honest people to deal with make the trip to Simotes. You will be glad you did.

Michael Butler - 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

I received a great deal from Simotes Motors in Minooka, Il! I bought a used car from Michael  Caragher at a great price. Like most used cars there are things that can be upgraded and I requested to my personal mechanic for a quote on something I would like done. I showed that quote to Mike and he told me he would do it for more than half the price! I brought it in and their service department did an excellent job! Thanks Mike!

Harvey Ferguson - 2010 Dodge Ram 1500

I have bought many cars in my 67 years. This is by far the best dealer I have ever dealt with. I saw the truck on car fax website. I called them and they took my app over the phone. Set up a date to go look at the truck and drive it. The paper work was done by the time I came back from test drive. All total I was there less than an hour. I have had my oil changed there twice. Both times I was there less than an hour. I would recommend this dealer to all my friends and do.

Kasandra Kot - 2015 Fiat 500L

I am so beyond pleased with my experience! I was searching for a nice used car that would last me a long time and I found that here! The staff is super professional but still makes you seem like part of a family. This was my first car buying experience and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Michael and Mac were super helpful when it came to getting through the process. I've heard many horror stories about buying cars but both of them made it enjoyable and a breeze. They made sure that I was comfortable with the payments and that I was getting the best deal I could get. I would definitely recommend coming here for a car purchase! I know my family and I will be returning in the future!!

Andrea Caragher - 2017 GMC Terrain

I bought my Terrain Denali from them - Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was knowledgeable, helpful, and didn't push us to make a decision. The Simotes' brothers were a great help as well. Well ran business. 

Tabitha Boshears - 2005 Chevrolet Uplander

I have been working with Michael, Mac, and David for a few days. They found me exactly what I needed, in the price range I needed, and the financing that worked for me! They are great! ??

Leslie Mantooth - 2015 Jeep Cherokee

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Simotes Motor Sales. I feel they gave me a very fair price and worked with me on getting the best finance rate available. They were not pushy in any way and very straight forward. Thank you for making this purchase so pleasant!

Nancy Verba - 2018 Chevrolet Impala

I bought my 2018 Chevy Impala there. Best dealership experience of my life! I live about two hours away in Wonder Lake, IL. I asked for pictures, video, and everything you can imagine - their Internet Manager, Michael, gave me everything I asked for and more.

I ended up working with him, because the salesman were busy. I could not have had an easier and more pleasurable car buying experience.

Michael was wonderful and Mac and Grant Simotes were informative and kind.

Neal Miller - 2009 Nissan Altima

It’s pretty rare to have a good experience buying a used car. I’m so used to weirdo shadeballs at dealerships but this is just a nice family owned place with good people

Shayne Kelly - 2017 Kia Forte

Willy and Grant are amazing! They helped me get my first car. The experience was quick and seemless. I will never go anywhere else for another car!

Madelyn K. - 2009 Ford Escape

Had a great experience with looking and test driving the car. This company really is willing to bend over backwards to get a happy customer. Still thinking about the purchase due to personal preferences about the car but there really was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Overall a great experience!

Storm Rahlf - 2014 Chevrolet Impala

If I could I would give them 6 stars!! Amazing people! Help me get a car a car quick and get out fast! The best dealership ever!!

Jordon Kraml - 2004 Honda Accord

Great car buying experience! They very accommodating to our needs, even went the extra mile. Paperwork was all ready when we came in to purchase the vehicle. Kudos to Willy and Grant. Highly recommend Simotes!!!!!

Dustin Olson - 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

It was my first time buying a new vehicle and when I walked in willy was the one who greeted me, he was very patient with me and he gave me great advice. They didn’t try to push a new car on to me and they were all very helpful!

Brandon Sommerfeld - 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Real friendly professional people nice cars and deals recommend to check them out.

Carolyn Heal - 2015 Acura Tlx

Nick, our salesman and all the staff at Simotes were a pleasure to deal with from the moment we arrived till we drove off with the car we ended up purchasing. They answered all our questions. The quality of the cars they have on the lot to chose from was great. We would make sure to check them out on our next car purchase.

Kevin Dalton - 2014 Volkswagen Jetta

Had an amazing first-time-buying experience with Simotes! My salesman, Willy, helped me every step of the way! Got me from not knowing a thing about car buying to walking out the door with an awesome ride (for a great deal) quickly and easily! They're fair, honest, and especially patient (as a first-time buyer they were willing to put up with my disorganization and were able to walk me through everything step-by-step). Ask for Willy! Thanks a million, guys! ????

Jason Doerfler - 2008 Subaru WRX

Great experience buying a car at Simotes Motor Sales! Friendly, knowledgeable sales team. Michael was great to work with, walking us through the whole process and Grant was great getting all the paperwork together and into my new car. Great team there at Simotes Motor Sales.

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